"Ron Tobin totes two types of guilt as a one-man marauder of merciless memories, battling the good, the bad and the oy veys," applauds Michael Elkin in his January 2011 review in Philadelphia. 

"In a play originated by Steve Solomon as a showcase for his own shenanigans, Tobin is off-and-running with the off-Broadway comedy that's come to Philadelphia on a cloud of smoked brisket and broccoli rabe."   

"A comedian who's opened or worked for such masters as Henny Youngman and Jerry Seinfeld, his signs are everywhere that he's a one-man minyan of mirth."

"...and even those who haven't seen his other roles of a thousand -- OK, maybe 50 -- other voices and impressions have to know that his inner monologues are infectious."

"Tobin was picked from a field of 55 who auditioned for the tour. He is appealing, has the Jewish and Italian dialects nailed, and the audience at a recent matinee had a rip-roaring afternoon of laughter."

"The ingratiating Tobin is easy to be with for 90 minutes. We believe him and in regard to whatever limits we admit, he is us."

Steve Solomon, the award winning author and creator of "My Mother's Italian, My Father's Jewish, & I'm in Therapy," hand picked Ron from a group of 55 comedians and actors auditioning for the show.  He said, "Ron's one of the most versatile and creative comic/actors I've seen in years.  He brings my material to life!" 

"Solomon says he looks for performers like Tobin who make people feel they’re actually hearing lots of different people rather than watching someone trying to sound like lots of different people." 

"Good Day NY" put it perfectly when they said, "Well, with Ron Tobin, all you need to do is wind him up and you get non-stop madness!"  

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