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 As soon as you see Ron Tobin perform, you immediately feel as if he has been following you around your entire life and taking note of every wild, crazy and embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you.  You know, those moments when you immediately turn around to make sure that nobody saw what just took place.  (Well, apparently, Ron was there).  And, as he readily points out in his show, you’re not alone because it happens to all of us.  “I’m no funnier than anyone in the audience,” Tobin admits.  "It's just my job to write this stuff down and report back at night." 

Ron Tobin seems to have his finger on the pulse of contemporary comedy, as well as mainstream society.  Having lived in so many different sections of the United States and even in Europe for a short period, this very affable, chameleon-like entertainer so comfortably becomes one with his surroundings.  He instantly takes on the voices, dialects, characterizations and attitudes of these “real life” characters he has encountered so far throughout his wonderful life journey... including many popular celebrities. 

Whenever he does his impressions, if you close your eyes, even though you know it’s Ron, you'd swear there were dozens of other characters in the room, including certain celebrities.  "You never know what’s going to happen in his shows,” says Russ Davis, who has been working and traveling with Mr. Tobin since the start of his career at Richard M. Dixon's - The Whitehouse Inn on Long island, “because Ron’s improv skills are so amazing that the audience never knows what hit them…and that’s when the fun starts.”  Good Day NY put it perfectly when they said, "Well, with Ron Tobin, all you need to do is wind him up and you get non-stop madness!"

Besides playing the piano and trumpet, Ron Tobin is a formally trained actor as well, having studied with such greats as Bill Hickey and Jeanne Kaplan (The HB Studio - NYC), Anita Jones (Hollywood), Dr. Cecil Jones (Vanderbilt University – Nashville), Dr. Richard Jameson (P.A.F. Playhouse – L.I.), Bob Collier (NYC), among others.  He has also studied and performed improvisation with Anne Meara and Martin Friedberg at “The Improv” in NYC.  Some of his favorite stage roles include his performances as "Paul" in Barefoot in the Park(NYC), the "Title Role" in Gramercy Ghost(NYC), "Mike"/"Hal" in Lovers and Other Strangers(NYC), "Stanley" in Streetcar Named Desire(TN-Regional),"Alf" in The Rook(TN- Regional)...and his most recent role as "Steve" in My Mother's Italian, My Father's Jewish & I'm In TherapySteve Solomon, the author and creator of this award winning one-man show, hand picked Ron from a group of 55 comedians and actors auditioning for the show.  He said, "Ron's one of the most versatile and creative comic/actors I've seen in years.  He brings my material to life!" 
A member of S.A.G. - A.F.T.R.A. (Screen Actors Guild American Federation of Television and Radio Artists), Ron has starred in numerous television and radio commercials.  You may have also seen him on Good Day NY, LateNight "LAFFS" with Ron Tobin (Cable/Host), Comedy on the Bay (Cable/Host), Showtime Comedy Club Network, etc. 
This versatile performer has opened for and worked with some of the greats in comedy as well, including Henny Youngman, Robert Klein, Jerry Seinfeld, Gabe Kaplan, and many others. 

If you have time, stop and chat with Ron after the show. 
Most times he is surrounded by audience members and fans who are either thanking him for knowing exactly what they’ve been going through or trying to give him more related material that has happened to them.  And, don’t worry, this doesn’t bother him at all.  As this very accomplished entertainer so aptly puts it,
“We all share the same planet…and without each other, I would have no act at all.”


Headshot by Robert Mitchell Photography
Headshot by Robert Mitchell Photography
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