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Shines in One-Man Performance

"Ron Tobin, the exceptionally talented comedian/actor...can slip as easily and adeptly into any number of characters as I can into an old pair of loafers.  With his amazing ability to capture dialects and voice inflections, one would think, if they were not looking at the one man on stage, that the play includes a cast of dozens.  

In a somewhat Robin Williams like way, Ron Tobin shifts quickly and amusingly from (the) Italian mother to (the) Jewish father to a Manhattan cab driver, etc.  For some reason, even as I sit here writing this, I am laughing out loud as there were definitely more really good belly laughs per minute than what you'll find on the vast majority of what passes for TV comedy these days.  

And it really is a "we"sort of thing.  Ron Tobin interacts naturally and engagingly with the audience, which seemed to consist of about three times as many women as men.  I only say this because I think several of the ladies on the front row fell in love with the actor during their time together.  At one point the bond became so intimate, he picked up some Kleenex from the doctor's desk...and handed them out to a couple of the gals, who were approaching hysteria (the funny kind).

I can't speak for Ron Tobin, but I know I enjoyed the way the audience spontaneously interacted with the performer as they would recognize their own family's peculiarities throughout the evening."

- Steve Cook, Richmond Theatre Critic

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"Well, with Ron Tobin, all you need to do is wind him up and you get non-stop madness!"
          - Good Day NY

A comedian who's opened or worked for such masters as Henny Youngman and Jerry Seinfeld, his signs are everywhere that he's a one-man minyan of mirth.

...and even those who haven't seen his other roles of a thousand -- OK, maybe 50 -- other voices and impressions have to know that his inner monologues are infectious."

           - Michael Elkin, Philadelphia Theatre Critic

"He is appealing, has the Jewish and Italian dialects nailed, and the audience at a recent matinee had a rip-roaring afternoon of laughter.The ingratiating Tobin is easy to be with for 90 minutes. We believe him and in regard to whatever limits we admit, he is us."

         - Charlene Baldridge, San Diego Theatre Critic       
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